Our 3rd wheaten is called Absolutely Beauty From RoBi’s House aka Amy. She is a bitch from our very first A-litter from the combination of Nelson and Oreana . Born on May 21, 2017. Amy is still a puppy, but very eager to learn, watchful and alert with her mother Oreana and Aunt Paige who both are a great example to her. In the second weekend of September ’17 Amy has made her entrance in the show world! And was immediately awarded BOB-Minor Puppy and they are expected to have a golden future, the words of the judge (s). Hopefully she grows into a beautiful adult female. In Luxembourg she became BOS (Best Of Sort) at the age of 10 months old and became Youth Champion. And she is already in Luxembourg-Belgium-Nehterlands and German Youth Champion!!! 


Amy has the following Youth Championship(s) won:

* Luxembourg Youth Champion 

* Belgium Youth Champion

* Dutch Youth Champion

* German VDH Youth Champion 


Other prizes and titles she won: 

* Brabo Youth Winner 2018 

* Hop Princes 2018 

Frühjahrs-Jugendsieger Dortmund 2018

* Herbst-Jugendsieger Dortmund 2018 


She won her first BOS in Luxembourg at the age of 10 months!!!!


Pedigree Amy :

Health screenings

Amy ~ Absolutely Beauty From RoBi’s House has the following health screenings: 

* Hips dysplasia: HD A acc. International F.C.I. norm.

* EVCO eye research: 100 % declared free  

* Laboklin research: PLN: N/N, DM: DM/N

* DNA research

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Shows of Amy 

                                 Foto: Mr. Enrique Mate Duran (Spain) and Amy BOB Youth Class