We are Ron & Bianca van Leent, together with our daughters and Wheatens living in Lage Mierde (nearby Tilburg) Netherlands. After the death of our dwarf schnauzer Roxy we really wanted a new roommate.
We searched through the web, but we also went to visit dog shows. We came as quickly to the Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, where we fell in love with the breed.
In our search for a beautiful Wheaten we came into contact with the kennel From Kizzy’s Paradise from Belgium, Geert & Kristin, and fell in love with their Wheatens. After a while we are the lucky owners of Oreana and more than a year later also of Paige. Since October ’16 we have our own family tree / kennel name “From RoBi’s House” and on 21 May ’17 our first litter was born from which Amy & Vino stayed with us. And our wheaten family now consists of 4 wheatens. We breed on character, health and beauty. And from time to time we have a litter that is born in our home.


Latest news

Website update: Our C and D litters are born ❤️ Puppies 🏆 IDS Flanders Gent (BE) BIS BRACE (Best In Show Brace) ~ Vino & Amy ❤ Vino page ❤ Show results ❤ See in Our Wheatens the health tests results ❤ Oreana & Paige both are International Champion 🏆 Paige is also Benelux Champion ❤ Vino & Amy both are Multi Youth Champion🏆🏆  Paige, Vino and Amy results in the Wheaten Top 10 (2018) ❤ Please see for more photo’s the dutch version ❤️